Water Crystals Explained.....

Water Crystals are a brilliant new water retaining product for plants, cut flowers and general decorative designs.

Once the small beads, cubes or flakes have been hydrated and absorbed their weight in water, they expand into a crystal like form that are non-toxic, non odorous and un harmful to the environment.

They come in a various range of colours and shapes that are guaranteed to fit around the theme of your home, garden, workplace or special event.

Each five gram pack will make you around one pint of Crystals, which is more than enough to fill a medium sized vase.

They are made of water absorbing polymer material and capable of retaining up 100 times it original size.

Instruction Guide

  1. Place a single packet of crystals in a large sized container
  2. Pour in one pint and a-half of lukewarm tap water
  3. For optimum results leave to absorb the water for around 6 - 8 hours
  4. Drain any excess water and once drained they are ready to use.